In 2022, we launched our TZ for Tiger Campaign in honour of the Year of the Tiger. Donations raised over the year supported your Toronto Zoo’s ongoing efforts to conserve wild tiger populations and support the tigers in their care.

Funds from this campaign were split, with 50% supporting the Zoos Amur tiger habitat expansion and 50% supporting the AZA Tiger SSP Conservation Campaign. This organization supports three endangered tiger species, including Amur and Sumatran and raises awareness about wild tigers. The tigers at your Toronto Zoo engage visitors daily, raising awareness and funding for their wild counterparts.

Amur Tiger Habitat Expansion:

  • Expanding the existing Amur tiger habitat will provide new opportunities to explore and additional space outside for our Amur tigers.
  • With the additional space comes new and exciting enrichment opportunities that will stimulate our tigers’ natural behaviours and allow them to follow their natural instincts

AZA Tiger SSP Conservation Campaign:

  • Accredited zoos across North America are mobilizing to raise awareness about wild tigers and funding for their survival. The Tiger Conservation Campaign is coordinated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Tiger Species Survival Plan
  • The Tiger SSP’s Tiger Conservation Campaign supports projects that directly address threats to wild tigers