Q: How are the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy and the Toronto Zoo Connected?

A: The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy is the dedicated fundraising partner to the Toronto Zoo.

Q: Are you a legal charity?

A: Yes, the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy is a legally registered charity. Our Charitable Business Number is 75405 9111 RR0001

Q: How can I update my donor information with you?

A: Thank you for updating your information with us! Email wildlifeconservancy@torontozoo.ca with your complete updated information, or call us at 416-392-9107, and we’ll be happy to assist you in making the update.

Q: I can’t find my tax receipt. How do I get a new one?

A: If your donation was made online, look in your junk folder. If you’ve already checked and it isn’t there or if you have misplaced a tax receipt received in the mail, email wildlifeconservancy@torontozoo.ca or call us at 416-392-9107.

Q: I’m interested in donating a physical item. What do I need to know?

A: Donating physical items (gifts in kind) can be a wonderful way to support your Toronto Zoo. In-kind donation offers should be submitted in writing to wildlifeconservancy@torontozoo.ca with a description of the item and a photo, if possible.