Reaching New Heights for Orangutans

Our Reaching New Heights for Orangutans Campaign enabled your Toronto Zoo to complete the construction of a new $11 million outdoor habitat for the seven orangutans in their care.

The new habitat opened on June 30, 2023, and was made possible with the help of dedicated supporters, including The City of Toronto, Compass Group Canada, the Lawrence Schafer Foundation, Juan and Stefania Speck and many others who made impactful donations.

Under construction since 2020, this new outdoor habitat was built to stimulate the orangutans' physical, social, and intellectual needs. The seven Sumatran orangutans that call the Toronto Zoo home will slowly be introduced to this new 13,000sq ft space, each at their own pace and comfort level. Once they are settled in, they can climb up to 75 feet in the air and feel the breeze as they look out over the treetops of the Rouge Valley. If you visit their new home and they are not quite used to their new space yet, don’t worry, they still have their familiar indoor habitat that they love to explore!

Integrated into the new space will also be a research station where animal behavioural scientists can study these majestic tree dwellers, these "Guardians of the Rainforest." Guests can also learn more about how they can help this critically endangered species by shopping smart and learning more about sustainable palm oil.

A brighter future for Sumatran orangutans – at your Toronto Zoo and in the wild – is now possible, but there is still more to be done to protect the future of this critically endangered species. To learn more about sustainable palm oil and how you can make an impact, click here.