Reaching New Heights for Orangutans

Thanks to the support of dedicated donors, our Reaching New Heights for Orangutans Campaign will enable your Toronto Zoo to complete the construction of a new 10-million-dollar outdoor habitat for the six Sumatran orangutans in their care.

Anticipated to be opened by Spring/Summer 2023, the new outdoor habitat will stimulate the orangutans' physical, social, and intellectual needs. They will be able to climb high and feel the breeze on their faces as they look out over the treetops of the Rouge Valley. Integrated into the new orangutan habitat will be a research station where animal behavioural scientists can study these majestic tree dwellers.

Our generous community of supporters helped to contribute ~$5.2 million dollars towards our capital goal of $10 million, with the City of Toronto helping to support the rest.

A brighter future for Sumatran orangutans – at your Toronto Zoo and in the wild – is now possible but there is still more to be done to protect the future of this critically endangered species. To learn more about sustainable palm oil and how you can make an impact, click here.

Click here for more Information about this transformational project, anticipated to be completed by Spring 2023, or click here to see our Case for Support.