Thank You to our Zoo Food for Life Donors

A special thank you to the thousands of donors who gave their support to our Zoo Food for Life campaign. Donations from our supporters in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada were overwhelming and we have also received support from around the world. Your outpouring of support of the Zoo and its animals has been genuinely overwhelming!

People also found many creative ways to support us. Many restaurants, wholesale food suppliers and others with food products reached out. Contractors waived invoices. Schoolchildren donated out of their piggy banks, or put out a video on YouTube expressing their support, and even one who made her own “stuffie” zoo on her front lawn as a fundraiser! Thank you most sincerely to all.

Due to the high number of gifts we are still processing donations, but it’s already clear that we have raised enough to offset the lost parking revenues. In fact, generous donors gave over $500,000 to our campaign – enough to cover 6 months of food costs! This gives us assurance that the animals will continue to receive top quality care through the closure and as we resume operations. Thank you again!

While the Zoo Food for Life campaign has been successfully concluded, there are still conservation programs that need financial support, particularly in the endangered species breeding and release programs. For those interested in continuing their support for the many animal nutrition and wildlife conservation programs at the Toronto Zoo, please visit our Ways to Give page.