The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is here! For the entire month of June, you can help us win $20,000 to help feed Lily and Trilly; our twin moose. Every $1 you donate to us through this page or qualifies our girls to win!

Toronto Zoo and Terra Lumina have been closed to the public since November 23rd, 2020 until further notice and the $1 million annual cost of food for our 5,000 animals is normally funded through our paid guest parking.

Our girls eat an average of 8kg of food per day and while their diet mostly consists of fresh browse or browse silage, both Lily and Trilly currently eat around 3kg of moose pellets each day costing $14,600 each year. This special pellet is made of aspen bark, vitamins and minerals like sodium to maintain microbial balance in the digestive system.