Zoo Food for Life

The Toronto Zoo may be closed to the public due to COVID-19, but the Zoo team continues to work hard behind-the-scenes to provide world-class care to over 5,000 animals, including a balanced and nutritious diet.

The $1 million annual cost of food for our animals is normally funded by paid guest parking, but there have been no guests since the Zoo’s closure in mid-March.

On April 16th we launched the Zoo Food for Life campaign and the response has been overwhelming. Click here to read more about it!

Click here to learn more about the Toronto Zoo's Nutrition Program

The Toronto Zoo's Nutrition Program

Toronto Zoo was the first zoo in North America to employ a full-time nutritionist. Currently there are three full-time Zoo nutritionists in Canada, two of which work at the Toronto Zoo. The Zoo’s nutrition staff work in the Wildlife Nutrition Centre (WNC) which comprises of a Food Production Unit and a Nutrition Research Unit, which work together to ensure top quality animal health.

  • Food Production Unit: Professional nutritionists design, source and prepare 430 different “menus” a week, and feed over 4,500 animals every day.

  • Nutrition Research Unit: Dietary advice is provided to all of the Zoo’s animals, including endangered species like the black-footed ferret, Vancouver Island marmot and Eastern loggerhead shrike. Research supports animal welfare and conservation of species both at the Toronto Zoo and in the wild.